Starvation Solutions 3 – The Effects of Malnutrition

The Effects of Starvation

 There comes a point where if a child doesn’t get the proper nutrition, he will never develop specific skills, later in life.  This can be crucial, and possibly deadly to a poor child. Stunting is one of the main long-term effects of malnutrition in children. Malnutrition can hinder a child’s ability to grow normally, leaving both his height and his weight well under normal when he’s compared with children the same age. Stunted growth can be permanent, and a child may never achieve normal height or body weight if he is chronically malnourished. According to the “British Medical Journal,” malnutrition in children can also adversely hinder brain development and intellectual capacity in the early stages of life. We have to get children food so that we have productive members of society for the future.


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