Starvation Solutions 4 – The Man Who saved a Billion Lives

Born in 1914, in Saude, Iowa, Norman Borlaug was raised to give  his very best with everything he did . Borlaug was one that changed agricultural forever in the world. He was known as the Father of the “Green Revolution”, and helped show poverty stricken countries how to go richer and more crop.  In the 1960’s, at a time of Borlaug’s rise to fame.  Asia was undergoing a population explosion and its farmers were not producing enough food to keep up. Experts began predicting mass starvation. Borlaug was called in for advice. He brought his wheat breeding plans to the Middle East and Asia, also insisting on government support for modern agricultural methods, such as the use of large quantities of fertilizer, price supports, irrigation, and improved infrastructure. Borlaug convinced the government of the Middle East, and saved hundreds of thousands of people from starving. Borlaug admits to being extremely discouraged in this initial venture into the developing world.  But his commitment to learn the language, a healthy dose of the determination he learned in high school sports, and his willingness to get his hands dirty working in the fields eventually enabled him to connect with some farmers who tried his new approach to wheat production. Borlaug devoted his life to poverty stricken countries, and went on to win a Noble Peace Prize in 1970. He was the first winner involving work with agriculture. Borlaug founded the World Food Prize. In 2009, on September 12, Norman Borlaug passed away. Borlaug was honored by the state of Iowa recently by having his statue put in the Congress Building labeled as a honorary Iowan. He saved a billion people, and wanted simply food for less fortunate people.


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