Starvation Solutions 6 – Short Term Solutions

Short Term Solutions

We won´t  be able to get everyone one food over night. So, until we can have a stable way of producing food for everyone, we have to get food for everyone, so they do not starve in the mean time. Short term solutions are mainly what we’ve been doing this  whole the time, give our food to them. That defines the popular saying ” Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  We have to teach them how to “Fish”. The way we can provide short term solutions is greater than we think. There are people just like you and me getting involved and making a difference in our world, by giving their time and effort to raise funds and pack food for starving people. Such organization are ” No Kids Go Hungry “, ” Feeding America “, and ” Feed My Starving Children”.

Donating your time to any food bank, or charity, is great ways to make a huge impact! My church, First Evangelical Free Church is participating with ” Feed My Starving Children ” in bringing one of its Mobile Packs to Fort Dodge on December 5! My church is really excited to participate in this event. A main component of why I picked starvation for this project, is because of me being personally related to solving world hunger.


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