Starvation Solutions 7 – Long Term Solutions

Long Term Solutions

We’ve been feeding them for so long. Now we teach them how to “fish” for themeselves. Here in Iowa, we are surrounded by the world’s best growing fields in the world.  We have the the most advanced technology for agriculture in our barns, and have the knowledge of knowing  our fields, literally, inside and out. We are blessed to have these resources at our fingertips. But, these resourrces are not giveen to people that need them most. The ultimate long term solution for people is finding a stable and healthy source of food. Here in America, we have conditions for both produce, and factory food. People in Africa, for example, do not have money to build a factory to make “Captain Crunch”, or anything like that. What they do have is fields to grow. What they don’t have is the knowledge of agriculture, or the ideal conditions and soil for crop growth. So, we have to teach them. We already have Iowa farmers in poor countries teaching about crop growth, and using their resources wisely. This is the start of finding a permanent solutions.lincolnwayenergy-copy


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