Starvation Solutions 8 – Making a profit of food

Imagine being an Iowa farmer. You have good seasons, bad seasons, and know how to grow in both conditions. In Africa, it is an average of 93 degrees Fahrenheit, year round. In Iowa, we have an average temperature of 61.9 degrees Fahrenheit. Africans are  forced to work in conditions of extreme heat and  brutality to grow a minimum crop. They have no idea of the habits of its fields, nor do they know how well the growing season will be for them. The same could be said for Asia. An estimated 2.2 billion Asians have make a living off of  farming. Just like Africans, Asians aren’t farming for profit, they are farming for food. We don’t have an idea of the pressure to grow a  good crop to feed a family. In Iowa, we have something that people in poverty countries have never heard of, Crop Insurance. In summary, people of modern age have no idea of the brutality of farm labor. They are working hard, but sometimes, that doesn’t even feed all hungry stomachs. 4108191325_f9d34e67f3_o


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