Starvation Solutions 9 – A Summary of Starvation

A Summary of Starvation

We started by understanding the harsh reality that we are surrounded by, that people just like you and me are going to bed hungry every night, and don’t know where there next meal will come from. We then asked the question ” What is starvation?”, and saw the statistics of starvation. We  saw the effects of malnutrition on a young persons body, and how that will effect the rest of their life. We learned about  the “Father of the Green Revolution”, Norman Borlaug. We saw how he created the way for a long term solution for starvation, in teaching others how to grow crops. We asked ourselves, “Distribution or Production”.  We looked for long term solutions, in feeding others, and then long term solution, in showing others how to feed themselves. We finally looked at how hard people are working for food, but can’t seem to grow enough.


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