Starvation Solutions 10 – A Challenge and a Farewell

To finalize this blog, I want to to challenge who ever is reading this to pledge to NEVER waste food. It is a challenge that many across America have taken, and I find a small, yet beneficial, way that we can end hunger in America. We should also not be afraid and willing to volunteer at a local food bank in town. As I’ve said, that is a short term solution to hunger for our world. If you read this in time, I encourage every reader of this blog to help out on December 5 at Community Christian School to help pack meals for an organization called ” Feed My Starving Children”.

Info on FMSC


Good bye dear reader. Thank you for investing time into something I really hope you’ll enjoy. It was a honor to research and write about a very interesting topic. It is something I’ll remember for a long time. Special Thank you to Mr. Jordan Francik for giving me the opportunity to write this blog. So, when you feel like you’re “starving”, just remember, you really aren’t.








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